The Armenian Grand Master Karen Grigoryan will remember fondly Lisbon and the Chess Portugal Open. The strong player, who plays in Portugal for GD Dias Ferreira won both events, both classic and rapid. After having won the first tournament, which took place 25 January to 1 February, Grigoryan bested the opposition again at a fastest rate, in an event that gathered 200 players from 32 countries at the Casal Vistoso Sports Complex.

The second seed, with 2667 ELO, is number 69 at the rapid world ranking, and won again alone, now with 6.5 points in 8 possible. Half a point behind were eight players, among them the Russian GM Alexander Motylev (2711 ELO, world number 32), who could just reached fourth place.

Although undeated, Motylev drew three times, including against the Open’s top Portuguese, IM André V Sousa. The current national champion in both classic and blitz finished the event on 10th place, and was one of only two IM in the top, all eight other being GM.

Portugal Open 2020, organized by the Portuguese Chess Federation brought several improvements, among them the use of recycled water bottles, part of the fight against plastic waste of the Green Capital 2020, and the streaming broadcast of the games, including live comment by the top players.

Portugal Open 2021 is scheduled 1-8 February.

Portugal Open 2020 Rapid – final ranking: 1st Karen Grigoryan (GM, Armenia, 2667), 7 pontos; 2nd Aleksandar Indjic (GM; Serbia, 2533), 3rd Nikita Petrov (GM, Russia, 2590), 4th Alexander Motylev (GM, Russia, 2711), 5th Eduardo Iturrizaga (GM, Venezuela, 2643), 6th Evgeny Alekseev (GM, Russia, 2621), 7th Tigran Ghamarian (GM, France, 2597), 8th Kamil Stachowiak (IM, Poland, 2500), 9th Vugar Asadli (GM; Azerbaijan, 2273), 6.5 points; 10th André V Sousa (IM, Portugal, 2281), 6.

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