A sudden turnaround at Portugal Open 2020 happened at the last round, when the Armenian Grandmaster Karen Grigoryan won a decisive encounter against the Serbian GM Aleksandar Indjic, and becoming this way the winner of most important open tournament in the country, which gathered at Casal Vistoso Sport Complex, in Lisbon, 220 players from 34 different countries.

With his victory in the first table Grigoryan, ranked 3 in the initial list, with his 2632 ELO – summed 7.5 points and won the Open alone on top, when his rivals drew their games – the top seed Alexander Motylev drew the young Azerbaijani GM Vugar Asadli, while at the third table the duel between the Russian GM Evgeny Alekseev and the Venezuelan GM Eduardo Iturrizaga also was bloodless.

At the beginning the round, Aleksandar Indjic led alone, with 7 points, and a draw was enough for him to leave Lisbon with the top €2500 prize. However the 2017 winner – seed 7th, with 2622 ELO – didn’t manage to hold with the black pieces, in a very interesting game.

The podium was completed with GM Evgeny Alekseev and GM Eduardo Iturrizaga, two of the eight players with 7 points, among them the Dutch IM (and GM-elect) Hugo Ten Hertog, who reached his third GM norm in this tournament, and will so recieve the GM title.

The best Portuguese was IM Rui Dâmaso (14th), one place above the national champion IM André V Sousa, both with 6.5, and who both finished with victories in the final round.

This is the victory in Portugal by Karen Grigoryan, after victories in Famalicão and Pombal, both events of the Portugal Chess Tour.

Final ranking: 1.º Karen Grigoryan (GM, Armenia, 2632), 7,5 points; 2.º Evgeny Alekseev (GM, Russia, 2623), 3.º Eduardo Iturrizaga (GM, Venezuela, 2597), 4.º Vugar Asadli (GM, Azerbaijan, 2538); 5.º Aleksandar Indjic (GM, Serbia, 2622), 6.º Aryan Tari (GM, Norway, 2635), 7.º Alexander Motylev (GM, Rússia, 2640), 8.º Tigran Ghamarian (GM, Armenia, 2603), 9.º Hugo Ten Hertog (IM, Netherlands, 2503), 7 points; 10.º Nikita Petrov (GM, Russia, 2592);… 14.º Rui Dâmaso (IM, 2420), 6,5; 15.º André Sousa (IM, 2391), 6,5; 32.º Luís Sousa Reis (NM, Portugal, 2187), 6; 42.º André Fidalgo (MN, 2282), 5,5; 44.º Sérgio Rocha (IM, 2343), 5,5; 49.º Rita Jorge (WFM, 1932), 5,5.

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