The Serbian Grandmaster Aleksandar Inđić tops alone the Portugal Open 2020, after six of nine rounds of the event, which gathers at Casal Vistoso Sport Complex, in Lisbon, 220 players from 34 different countries.

Inđić, who won the 2017 event, and rated 2622 ELO won, at the second board, the Polish International Master Igor Janik (2453). The draw at first board between the Dutch IM Hugo Ten Hertog (2503) and the Russian Grand Master Evgeny Alekseev (Rússia, 2623), allowed him to remain alone on top, with 5.5 points, half a point above a group of 12 players which includes all other main candidates to the final triumph.

Two of those players reached that placed beating the top Portuguese – the Norwegian IM Benjamin Haldorsen (2463) took the point against IM Sérgio Rocha (2343), while the Polish IM Piotr Goluch (2413), had an uneasy victory against NM André Fidalgo (2282).

Among the players with 4 points was also the national champion, IM André Sousa (2391), who drew the Japanese FM Masahiro Baba (2274), and has now 4.5 point, as many as IM Rui Dâmaso, who has beaten the Polish CM Andrzej Krzywda. André Sousa and Rui Dâmaso are now the best Portuguese competing, with 4.5 points, and ranked 14th.
The most remarkable result among the Portuguese players was NM Alberto Fernandes, who has beatedn the Montenegrin IM Dušan Lekić (2343) in 16 moves.

Portugal Open 2020 ends on 1 February and has one round per day, beginning at 19h00. The last begins at 14h00.

Ranking after 6 rounds: 1st GM Aleksandar Inđić (Serbia, 2622), 5.5 points; 2nd GM Evgeny (Russia, 2623), GM Nikita Petrov (Russia, 2592), GM Alexander Motylev (Russia, 2640), GM Aryan Tari (Norway, 2625), GM Eduardo Iturrizaga (Venezuela, 2597), GM Vugar Asadli (Azerbaidjan, 2538), IM Hugo Ten Hertog (Netherlands, 2503), IM Benjamin Haldorsen (Norway, 2463), GM Tigran Ghamarian (France, 2603), GM Karen Grigoryan (Armenia, 2632), IM Piotr Goluch (Poland, 2413) and GM Daniel Campora (Argentina, 2420), 5 points; 14th: IM André Sousa (2391), IM Rui Dâmaso (2420), 4,5 points.

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