One of the improvements of Portugal Open 2020 is the fight against waste and single-use plastic. In alignment with the “Lisbon European Green Capital 2020”, the Portuguese Chess Federation (FPX) tried to make its largest tournament an example, mainly on the use of plastic water bottles.

Single-use plastic was checkmate and it will be só in all tournaments organized by the FPX from now on. In order to achieve this aim, the FPX distributed by the players, arbiters and remaining staff, small metal water bottles, which can be filled in the two water fountains present at the venue.

These bottles are not only an excelent souvenir from this event, they can be taken to other tournaments as well.

As it is well known, the FPX offers water to the participants of its participants. At the end of the year, 15.000 water bottles (25cl or 33cl) are consumed. At the end of each round, the number of empty bottles, mostly non-recyclable, is numerous.

Chess is a game of calculus and foresight, and the FPX anticipates this way the environment protection laws in the fight against non-recyclable plastic.

This initiative was appreciated by the participants of Portugal Open 2020 and many of them promised to take this iniciative to their own countries, where such actions have still not been implemented in their own chess events.

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